Well, I did quit. Sorta.

My last post was a “not really” reaction to a shitty day at work. Or a shitty few years.

So I had this boss I was just STUCK under. I left that boss and got a new one. Things are better.

I did try the freelance writing thing. I made enough money off of eLance and … um… it was so bad I don’t even remember the name. But they made me pay for a whole year up front. I can see why because I would have quit after a couple of months. Oh, that’s right, it was Guru.com. I had so many issues with timing out and having to re-login every couple of clicks that I gave up.

I also noticed something as I tracked what I was doing. Yes, I DID give it an honest effort. Like I said, I made enough money to pay for the cost of the services. But, let’s take eLance. I would apply to stuff and it would sit there and it would rot and eventually it would get closed. BUT NOBODY WAS AWARDED THE JOB. Why would you post a job and then not hire anyone? You can freely search to see the average/hi/lo of what people are bidding on jobs. After repeatedly not getting the job – NOBODY getting the job, I gave up and stopped paying the $20/month for eLance. Just not worth it, IMHO.

Guru, with the aforementioned crap about the logins getting fixed many months after I complained repeatedly, sending screen shots and even flash videos of my screen to prove I wasn’t crazy or lying, got to be at least usable. But I found the same thing – people would post jobs and not hire anyone at all.

I was really getting pissed about spending a few months on this, lots of time searching and crafting careful bids, even trying many different bidding tactics, only to get a nibble on occasion. What I mostly found on Guru were people that wanted to pay you $1/page… maybe $5/page if they were charitable. And a good many of them said stupid shit like, “rewrite this legal document so it passes copyscape.” Yeah, well, fuck off, dickface, I’m not doing that for you. It’s quasi-legal at best, dishonest, and just plain shady. I don’t like it. And I don’t want to do that.

What I WANTED to do was some real copywriting. Which I did a little bit of, but I actually got a job doing some technical how-to guides and one job converting Microsoft Word into Microsoft Publisher. Great reviews, no repeat work. Hmm.

Copywriting was going to be a fallback in case I got shitcanned from work. I was unhappy, I’m sure it was showing, and if I hadn’t changed to a new role with a new boss (I’m at a Fortune 500 company – we can do that), I probably wouldn’t still be there. If I DO find myself unemployed for whatever reason (this economy sucks), I’m going to do the freelance writing thing full-time – really dig into it, do the 700 cold calls each month, pound the pavement, talk to customers on Skype at their leisure, etc.

Right now, though, I’m happy with my artwork – http://stevehusted.com/artist – and I’m gainfully employed, which lets me do my art.