Two in the bush

Flitting and fluttering outside the car, the windows and sunroof were open. I didn’t think it would happen. I didn’t think it happened in anything but the movies.

The red-winged blackbird caws and chirps and the flapping of its wings has all of us watching its every move.

To our combined horror, it came into the car.

I have been trying to remember my dreams more often, but I usually remember them briefly when I wake up. I should write them down, but I don’t want to disturb anyone by turning on the light at 2am. That’s just rude, man.

The bird smashed itself against the various windows and managed to get out at the top of the car at the sunroof. The driver closed the windows down but the bird, crazily, flew back in at the last second and was really panicked this time.

When it flew at me, I shielded my face from it’s danse macabre; I, Lucifer, guiding its dance by my repulsion… it flew into my coat and I shuddered awake, sure for a moment it was really in my left armpit.

I had a dream that a snake with a dog’s head was on a shelf behind the broken weed whacker and the GOJO. It wasn’t a small snake – it was like a pit bull-sized head on the thing. I was going to kill it and it knew it. It spoke to me, pleading. I didn’t kill it. I was intrigued by its snake skin stretched grotesquely across the dog’s bone and muscles beneath. No ears, of course.

I’ve had a lot of dreams that I remember as I’m in the shower or as I’m driving to work. I can’t really do anything about it during those times. Sometimes I think that’s intentional, they play coy with me. But they come to me, the more important ones, and sometimes the booze lets them out again, too.

I need to re-read The Head Trip – I had lots of dreams while reading that. Lots of weird dreams. Lots of dreams with much to think about. Lots of dreams to make me howl with fear at the reflection. To embrace the things that should not be. But must be. To look around, sigh, and realize this *IS* enlightenment all around me. Who knows what he’ll find if he looks a little deeper in you. In you.