The Shift part 1

“Get it out of me,” she screamed, the veins bulging in her neck and on her forehead. The redness and the slow-motion spittle spray mesmerizing and fascinating. I reached out and heard the CRACK of the shift as I ramped down into 1/100th speed. The slo-mo. The thing. This.

As her mouth began to open, one eye bulging out and one eye half closed, drool coming out. This girl was frothing, and the nurse arrived with restraints and another nurse had a needle that sprayed out as she pushed up on it. The fountain of the needle fluid was fascinating, I came over to watch and smiled, sure to stay out of the way.


You never really know how the shift is going to go. When everyone else is going at 1/100th speed, you’re going at 100x speed to them, and typically you’re a blur, and in emotionally charged times like this, you’re not going to be seen or missed or noticed except by some casual observers. But they won’t know what’s going on. They won’t see you , really, they’ll just see “something” and they’ll attribute it to a ghost or spirit or something supernatural. Dumbasses.

If I concentrate, I can get the shift to slow down even more. I can spend an entire day to me where it’s only a second to you. The blur is so fast and you have to realize something – you can do some real fucking damage. This one time, in college, I made my way to the women’s dorm room. Okay, that’s a lie. I was loser in high school and I was zipping around the house as I was experimenting with The Shift, and I stumbled upon my mom in her room, changing clothes. Ever so slowly to me. If ever Oedipus had an imagination like this, or could imagine doing what I did, he would hang his own head in shame. I touched her. Just a whisper, a faint prickle to the skin to you and to me, but I did it. I was ashamed. And then I masturbated to it.

This thing that I do, this reality of mine, and it is just mine, isn’t for sharing. I do dreadful, fearful things that you can’t do. I do them because I have to power to, and that’s all there is to it. I am sick. I am mad with power. I know this, yet am unable to stop myself. I am an addict.


I had a crush on a girl, Carlie, and I made my way to her house on night. When I’m going this fast, you see, physics still applies. I get hot from the friction. I get energy and momentum. I’m not immune to that. Nature still exists, even though I am in some sort of gravity well or time neutral place or whatever the fuck it is, I am here and I am not immune, that’s what I mean, that’s what I have to say. Anyway, I flew to Carlie’s house. I was feeling particularly brazen and powerful that day. The kids at school are a rough bunch and I had to just go. just get out. I didn’t intend to see her. I didn’t intend to go that way. I was on my way, in fact, and all the while I was telling myself that I will not go. It’s my drug and it’s my master.

I found her in her sleep. Hot, humid summer nights are the best. She lay there in a night gown that had ridden up. I came around and I thought the unthinkable, in a normal state, but not during the Shift. I touched her. I rubbed her pussy through her panties. I sniffed her crotch. I reached behind her panties and put my finger inside her. She slowly, ever so slowly moved around to swat what she thought likely was an insect, stirred slightly from her slumber, and looked up and could surely see the shadow, the blur, just faintly and thought it was a dream.

Sometimes I think the “night visitors,” the man beside your bed as you sleep, aliens, all that stuff as you’re frozen in sleep paralysis, is really me. Or people like me. I can’t be alone in this. I can’t be the guy in everyone’s dreams. I can’t be the only one. I have seen others. And I wonder what would happen if we got together. Would one of us explode? I mean, if time slowed me down while I was slowing down everyone else… what would happen to them? That may cascade into an eternity for either one or both of us, and I think that’s a risk I don’t wan to entertain. Would it be like falling into a black hole? The person falling in appears to be frozen while the person not falling appears to accelerate and the universe ends in minutes. Gravity wells and time distortion is interesting. Especially when the Shift effects you this way.

And, anyway, after several nights in a row, after going to the forbidden house of Carlie, I worked my way up and I fucked her at lightning speed. I raped her. She was mine now. I was drunk on the power. Drunk and vicious, drunk and frothing and crossing slowly into insanity, obeying the whims of my master.


I slowed time back down now and Carlie came back into focus, the pain subsided, dilated nearly 3cm, the contractions were now less than a minute apart.

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