Textbroker and freelance writing

Well, I had a Textbroker account for all of, oh, maybe 18 hours.

I’ve been looking to do some freelance writing. I do a lot of communications and marketing at work, including a lot of technical writing. Always have, really, so why not go for it as a side biz? I have my biz license and I have my federal tax ID number and all that.

So I’ve been checking out freelance writing sites. A few places recommended Textbroker, so I signed up last night. In the morning, I saw that I was approved so I logged in, excited to see the opportunities!

Well, what a disappointment. It was just a bunch of crap that looked like auto-generated titles based on, most likely, some sort of search algorithm. You have to write 200 words articles for like 7/10 of one penny per word. That’s $2.10 for a 300 word article. Now, it doesn’t take me long to write 300 words, (this post is at 160 words already), but that’s not much money. And the topics are downright stupid.

To be fair, a couple actually looked like there were people behind them. But if you’re paying less than a penny per word, surely you’re not expecting much.

My conclusion is that this sort of service is where spammers and linkbaiters go to get content so that Google keeps them relevant. That ALONE will keep me away from sites like that. So I just closed my account a few minutes ago. I have WAY better things to do that will earn me more money than Textbroker ever would.

I signed up for Brighthub, too, and we’ll see how that goes. I have higher hopes for that. I’ve also browsed eLance.com, but a site that pays based on the LOWEST bidder also cannot have the best people looking/paying for content. Would you trust your writing to the lowest bidder? I wouldn’t.

I’ve got some books coming, though, that I ordered last week in a fit of “I can’t fucking stand my job any more” so hopefully they’ll come this week and I can get some ideas as to how to get some REAL paying clients and stay away from linkbaiters and spammers and people just looking to get clicks for ad revenue. Yuck!

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