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5 Writing Tips to Grow in 2013

5 Writing Tips to Grow in 2013

I am by no means an accomplished author. I have a lot to say and a bazillion story ideas. I plan on striking it out and getting published, and, as such, as I have some tips that will help me to grow.

I don’t like resolutions, as there’s never a better time than NOW to do what you want to do.

1. Piss people off

I am too considerate of my audience. I need to write more for ME, and I do know that this will turn off a lot of people. By the same token, it will attract a lot of people.

If you’re not pissing people off, you’re doing it wrong. Not that you should ignore negative reviews and criticism, but just be happy that you’re getting them! Then learn from them. And piss off some more people.

2. Get uncomfortable

I dabble in art. I have a saying from back in my military days: “Break the toy.” What this means is that you need to realize that things are things, they are not you.

I wrote a story from the Second Person perspective. It was strange. I didn’t like doing it. My mind was screaming to go back and change it to an omniscient first-person narrative. I resisted. Did I grow? I hope so.

I love science fiction. It’s the majority of what I read (besides business and nerdy books). However, my stories always seem to have someone getting knocked off or some horror aspect to them. I will just embrace the stories for what they are, as art has a way of being itself despite the artist’s best intentions.

You artists know what I mean.

So despite your intentions, go out and write. And let the writing take on a life of its own. Break the toy.

3. Write more

I try to write every day. I will renew this. I did well in 2012 and I will write more in 2013. The old adage is true – 90% of anything is showing up. That doesn’t mean just showing up at the keyboard, it means showing up to editing, figuring out Amazon and other venues, sharing my work.

4. Write longer

I typically shoot for my 750 words per day. I use 750words.com because I like the daily motivational emails. But you can use whatever you want. Well, of course, you can do whatever the fuck you want. And will.

I’d like to write more than just Flash Fiction. It seems that Amazon Singles are short stories 5,000-30,000 words long. I can do that. I will do that. I am DOING THAT.

I set an informal goal. Well, no so damned informal now that I’m blathering about it to all 3 readers out there… I want to write 30 stories in the range of 5,000 to 30,000 words before July 4th of this year. As we’re 3 weeks into the year, I’ve already gotten behind.

Like I said, I have ideas, and now I just need to show up.

5. Submit to Amazon

I have absolutely ZERO interest in pursuing the traditional path. Welcome to my life – I’ve NEVER been on a traditional path. I never will.

I love technology, and I love using the Kindle app. Contrary to most people, I actually do read the free stuff that I get off Amazon. I will read more. I buy stuff, too.

I got Guy Kawasaki’s APE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur), as it was very timely in my writing career. I will use it as a guide to publish on Amazon this year. See bullet #4 above.

Wrap it up!

Let’s review: 2013 means that I’m taking this seriously and doing more than just flash fiction, and forging my own path forward via Amazon. Any author that’s where I am can use these tips to further their own careers, too.

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