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I’m a Libertarian and I vote

I had a strong push for Obama because Billary is just a bad person. But I’m not a Democrat because I’m not a Socialist. I’m a Constitutional Republican, otherwise known as a “capital L” Libertarian.

So I’m voting for Bob Barr for POTUS this Fall. Obama will win, but I hope to get past the 5% milestone for a Libertarian candidate, which would be cool in 2012.

Yes, I’m a voter, I’m a Libertarian, I’m an atheist, I’m an artist, I’m a musician, I’m a geek, and I’m a Gen Xer. Fuck your ass if you don’t like it.

(edit July 2010: I dug into Bob Barr and I didn’t like what I smelled so I voted for Obama. I also rescind my Socialist statement because I’ve since become much more educated about Liberalism – I’m just sick of entitlement programs and crying for the “poor people” – barf)