Surely you’re joking

One of the things I love best about extended time off is that I catch up with a LOT of reading. In the past 2 weeks, I’ve polished off:
-Old Man’s War, John Scalzi
-The Devil’s Chaplain, Richard Dawkins
-Ringworld (godawful, don’t read it, for the love of donkey balls!)
-Only a Theory, Kenneth Miller
-Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell
-Buyology, Martin Lindstrom
-Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman, Richard Feynman

I’m currently working on Lolita now, as well as trying to finish off Dennett’s masterpiece of atheist required reading. Oh, and I suppose a little Socrates and Smith (the Wealth of Nations) on the side doesn’t hurt.

Let’s recap:
-Old Man’s War: predictable, some inane and stupid pro-Christianity in there, but the concept was good. I’d recommend it despite the fact that it was entirely predictable. (the “foreshadowing” seemed like an afterthought). The author was compared to Heinlein, and I scoff at that, but he was capable.

-The Devil’s Chaplain: excellent, as is all Dawkins. It’s a compendium of previously published short works by the author with introductions. Nicely done.

-Ringworld: for fuck’s sake, I’d rather read the corn kernels in my latest porcelain tribute than read this again. HOLY FUCKING DONKEY DONG, Batman! This book SUCKED. Don’t read it, please. Play the game, Halo, and you’ll get the concept of a ringworld. I haven’t struggled through a book in a LOOOONG time and this one steals the cream from my nuts it’s so bad. Fuck me, it was a bad book.

-Only a Theory: excellent book. Goes through why Evolution is right. But if you doubt evolution, you’re a backwoods miscreant that deserves large objects inserted into your rectum.

-Outliers: read this for the Atheist group at Intel. Mildly impressed, good book, but has obvious flaws. Would like to see a more in-depth book that isn’t so “digestible” by the common man.

-Buyology: another good read, but I like reading stuff that shows how we do things contrary to what we SAY. We’re a bunch of bastards.

-Feynman deserves a post of his own. EXCELLENT book. Please read it. I’m just sorry he’s dead. I don’t want to associate myself or compare myself to Feynman, because I’m not worthy, but I strongly related to the stories in this book. Of all the books I’ve read in the past year, this is the one I’d recommend to anyone of any stripe. Read it or I’ll ravage your cornhole. NOW!