Six Months Rule

I stumbled upon this post about programming:

It’s equally true for writing, drawing, painting, or underwater donkey fellatio. Look at what you’re doing today, compare to 6 months ago. If you think your older stuff isn’t half bad and you haven’t changed much, time to pack it up. You’re done. You’ve stopped progressing and you don’t really give a shit about your craft anymore. You’ve gone tits up and it’s time to dump Goldie in the crapper.

I went back to some old writing. Old writing that, at the time, I was like, “Aw, yeah, I’m the shiznit, bitches!” Today, I’m like, “WTF? Did *I* really write this swill?” That’s good. It means you CARE and you are progressing. Don’t feel bad.

Well, feel bad about your swill, but remember that in six more months, what you think is pretty badass today will make you barf in your mouth a little bit. And this pattern will continue for a long time. This is called “progress” and you should stop beating yourself up over it. You should, in fact, celebrate with a little masturbation and perhaps a finger up your ass, tickling your prostate. Yeah, I went there. Fuck off.  You deserve it. Now wipe it off and get back to getting better at what you do.


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