Simplicity in Complexity

So I started listening to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and I was, as always, struck by the awesome simplicity of the song.

I always set out to do something simple, my goal being something akin to the early Danzig days (when it was Danzig, not Samhain or The Misfits). Simple, awesome rock. But that shit’s hard, man. It’s really fucking hard to do.

Simple is hard. That’s it. It’s like when you’re coding and you have a lot of ideas streaming through your consciousness and you selectively allow a few to spawn new ideas but kill others… you can have a virtual nuclear chain reaction of ideas that you must contain within the pressure vessel of your mind. Once they’re unleashed, you must actually now DO something with them.

And that’s when you must cut back and implement Sir Ockham’s inimitable razor to slice and dice and pare back to that which is required for proper operation, and nothing more. Most people don’t bother to do this.

Reminds me of a Slayer concert in 2007 at Memorial in Sac-town. The opening band was TERRIBLE because they were just this complex mesh of fast guitars and fast vocals and fast drums. Slayer came out and their music is so hard and fast but so simple at the same time that it exudes complexity. And I love that. Precisely BECAUSE it’s so hard to do. The veterans made the opening act look like puerile though they were more complex.

You see? More complex but simpler. Simpler but more complex. That’s the conundrum and that’s the enlightenment. Lao Tsu says that you can’t know The Way by knowing The Way, you simply know it without knowing that you know it. It just IS. And that’s it – what’s good? What’s beyond the eye of the beholder?

The worst part about getting old is the nose hairs. Get off my lawn!