Screaming at Nothing

So I was thinking that I would like to make a music video – but the video is primary and the music would be made to match.

It would be a person driving down a small-town, 2-lane road, and the oncoming traffic would all have drivers that are doing crazy stuff, like staring at me or punching the air or shaking their heads and yelling at nobody in particular.

I’m stuck on what the music would be. It would be trite and overdone to make it an upbeat, happy song to show a Yin-Yang sort of thing, a-la Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. Then I thought maybe they could all be people I’ve screwed over somehow in my life, intentionally or otherwise, and the song alludes to how I’ve wronged them.

I was also considering the passers-by being the ones singing the lyrics, or lip-syncing anyway.