Republicans are douchebags

In a stunning move, Republicans are questioning Obama’s fiscal policies. Looking for accountability in the spending of the October bailout package plus the currently proposed jobs/infrastructure package.

Seriously, where the FUCK were these douchebags for the past 8 years? Where were they a few scant weeks prior to the Dems taking office, when the bailouts were so “critical” to keeping a financial collapse at bay? Where were they when Paulson wanted a blank check, and they were all too happy to give it to him?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Libertarian, not a Democrat, so I have to say I don’t like EITHER side, but I’ll take the Dems any day, and that’s based on 30 years of proven results of decreased deficits, surpluses, and no unnecessary wars/quagmires.

Obama has been in office for TWO DAYS and he’s already:

  1. ordered Gitmo closed
  2. secret CIA prisons closed
  3. an end to all interrogations outside the scope of the Army Field Manual (read: ended Bush-sponsored torture)
  4. froze White House salaries that are over $100K
  5. met with 4 Middle Eastern leaders

I don’t like everything he stands for, I don’t like the socialist-bent of the Democratic party, but I’ll take it over that lame-o organization that the Republitards have become. I’d be a Republican if they actually embraced small government (they don’t), if they actually embraced fiscal conservatism (they don’t), if they actually were for lower taxes (they aren’t), and if they weren’t 2-bit shills for the fundamentalist Xians (they are).

Well, I guess that means I’d be a Republican if they weren’t Republicans… so I take it back, I’m glad I’m a Libertarian. That said, Obama is a breath of fresh air and the Republicans are making a daily mockery of themselves by finally standing up after 8 years of taking it like dry, bent over a log, and squealing like pigs. I hope they get their deliverance.