People hate me

People are afraid of me.

I’m coming around to realize that this has always been so. I’m not complaining, just stating. I think it’s actually all very interesting.

The first time I realized anyone was afraid of me was back in the Navy. I was in Nuclear Power School and, of course, I liked to mess with people. Being particularly anti-religion and pro -“piss off people indiscriminately,” especially so in my younger days, I used to do things that bugged people. A lot.

So let’s back up a wee bit here. In after-hours study, we had to “sign out” to go to “silent study,” where you had a private little desk with walls and sound-proofing material. To go to silent study, you had to sign out on the board (you had a certain number of mandatory after-hours study time, so you were treated like a child, of course). It was a chalk board (does anyone still use chalk?).

I used to sign “husted” with the “t” as an upside-down cross.

I thought it was benign, and I thought it was pretty damned funny. There were, apparently, people that didn’t think it was a joke. Or perhaps they were still waiting for the surgery to remove the well-lodged corn cob. I dunno. But I used to come back from silent study and the “t” was corrected to a normal T. And nobody had the balls to fess up.

They were afraid of me.

This group of 30 sailors, probably 29 of them could kick my 135lb ass (at the time), and they were fucking all afraid of me. WTF?

I figured it was this tall, dorky ass pirate that made it a point to shove his religion down your throat. And to talk about Jebus, as if I cared about that. I never did find out, but I would stare at him sometimes in class, making sure he knew I was staring at him. Sometimes I’d even blow him kisses, because the way I figured, as a Christian, he was SURE to be a homophobe. I’m not, so I think it’s fun to freak people the fuck out. Sure enough, he would avert his gaze.

But I KNEW he knew, and that was enough. I’m laughing as I write this. I’m evil, yes, but only to small-minded dipshits that thought it was super-important to change my T. Fuck his god.

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