Penny, penny

Penny, penny, lies tails-up
Penny, penny

Face it, little red spot
Or was it vermillion?

Touch me gently there
I saw your hearing aids
I wondered

Bring your lightsaber
Mine is blue, yours is green

Penny, penny, all day I will have bad luck
Take your superstition and ram it up my cock

Then the ice falls slowly
and handcuffs are for official business only

My last thought was brown
A little orange in the mix

Show me, show me, little Penny
Bring me luck I can’t forsake

Drown me in me
Fist my ass

Not who I am today
Where are you

I don’t have a history here
I am not a bad penny

Aaaaaah, again, you see
You push away with no reason

Oh ho, yeah, that naked guy
Hooked up and had sex with a man

But I screamed at the left side
Blurred and faded and fell apart

Penny, penny, I feel so jaded
I can’t feel for it again