On the tracks

i stopped on the tracks today. i was upside down in the reflection on the car in front of me. i was alive and well and on the tracks and upside down and rightside up at the same time. i was alive. i am alive. i felt it in me, i cheated death in a lie. i laughed at it and sneered and felt like a brave fool.

i stopped on the tracks today. a metaphor. a singing of my elegy? a maybe. a perhaps. a what-could-have-been. a quiet moment, stolen. a blip between blips, the smell of exhaust and morning air. i remember, i forget. i am everything i made myself to be. i am me.

i stopped on the tracks today. i recollected. visions danced. moments blurred. the tuning was fuzzy and the blaring was intense. i couldn’t make it out. the tracks were out of service. i am defunct and old and tired. the tracks were naked and alluring. the tracks were compelling. stopping wasn’t an option. compulsion. overwhelming. subjugated.

i didn’t stop at the tracks today; the tracks stopped me.