Night visitors

Darkness comes and takes all with you. You fade. You diminish. Moving pictures in the night.

Awareness grips you. Unsure you think to look. But cannot. You are stuck, the visitor is coming to you again. The visitor is coming for you. It will take you down, take you away, twist you against your will.

The pillow starts to pull away. You stir. Pulling again. You wake enough to realize you’re frozen, stuck, in horror. You struggle but are unable to move.

You’ve been here before. Sleep paralysis. And your fear. Your fear. Must… overcome… fear… You push. The visitor tries to up the ante. Grabs the pillow frantically. It pulls harder, slapping the pillow. Fighting. You push through the overwhelming force of the sleep paralysis and the world vibrates and ripples and you manage to break through the pain and reach towards the visitor. You WILL have him.

You reach up and try to grab the visitor. In a flash, you’re awake and looking around, realizing it was a dream. More importantly, realizing the visitor is not real.

Thump thump thump. you cannot go back to sleep. Still, you lie contented. Contented in the fact that you bested it. Bested the night visitor. Bested yourself. Bested the unknown. Bested fear.