My grandma’s dying

I learned something today
Like fleeting agility of a dancer
My last grandparent
Has come down with terminal cancer

She’s venerable and angry
She was clear where she stands
She’s lived a good life
She’s the matriarch of a big clan

I remember many things
If I may eulogize in advance
About a life lived
With more intention than chance

She teased and cajoled
But is smart as a whip
Stern but fair, always
Yet quick with a quip

The memories will never die
As long as I’m alive
The life will never lie
Dormant whilst I strive

She taught me to do right
She didn’t accept any less
She taught me the definition of “eviscerate”
She made me clean up my mess

She could draw so well she was inspiring
She lamented for her daughter aloud
A strong German woman
For her sons, she fought, proud

Though she held her head high
And denied she was dying
In the end, we found out
Through the tears, she was lying

She’s not dead yet, I do remind
Though for sure I do know
For the reaper’s at her door
It’s time for her to go