Man of a thousand retirements

I saw the guy, and I saw the boy, and I saw the man.

Ne’er the twain shall meet?

I looked it up but I was wrong. Fuck, I was wrong. I’m not often wrong.

It was the thing that I thought it was. I lamented. I succumbed. I wrote it out and the minor pentatonic crushed my soul. Ouch.

Come and be with me. Live my twisted dream.

Did you try to die?

It’s livid and it’s lies. It makes graves. Descending. Fuck you all.

did you go to where it was? Did you see it burn through the hole in the wall and become what I said I never would?


I told you. Why would you rope anyone that doesn’t want it, doesn’t need it?

Hello, hello, is there anyone out there? is there anyone that hears me? Can I whisper the insanity to you? whisper? quietly? Do you try to die? Like me? Do you think you can? it’s livid and it’s lies? Makes graves? Descending. Down. Down. Down.

I went to it and the thoughts , they trapped inside if the thing that was feedback and descendded down into me and through e and tiino me andna daj;iajw;aioj;idjf;adij


Yeah, that’s the dude. That’s the one. The man. The man of a thousand retirements. I told him to go away and he listed and lilted and I came away unscathed. But the fucker stole my CDs. And I just bought that Pink Floyd CD. The fucker. I want to throw a fucking brick through your window. Thank you very fucking much.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you for being me

Thank you for letting me be me

That’s right

That’s fucking right

I gave in and died. I gave in to the snake head. The dog head on a snake. The giant snake. Truly fuck the world – fuck myself, don’t leave me out. Feed the lies and see who you are.

It’s forcing you down.

It’s grinding against you.

Let the war nerve break.

Fuck the world.

I see it all. I see nothing. It’s forcing you down and it’s grinding against you. Awww. yeah. baby. fuck ’em all. Fuck ’em all. Fuck ’em all. Yeah!

Spiderbaby, yeah yeah, a go go.

That fat lady, i walked behind her. she was out of breath. I didnt’ feel bad for her. I felt loathing. Ignore this curse. Ignore her worth. Fuck that. I though bad things. Ugly things. I thought about her thighs rubbing together. I thought about ghastly sex with the beast. I thought about taking it down a notch. I thought about malnutrition. I thought she was on death’s door. I judged you, bitch, and I filled in the gaps and put a Burger King breakfast sandwich in your stomach. I planted more than a seed. It makes me stronger. Sad state of affairs. It feels stronger than all. Stronger. Feels. We;ve grown into a monster. An arrogant, explosive, motherfuck.

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