I’d kick Jesus in the nuts

Jesus most definitely is NOT love. I see this all the time and it confounds me. Have these people actually READ their own bible or do they just listen to selected scriptures that paint Jesus in a good light?

He promoted death and killing all the time. You just have to read the bible to see that. Or Google it. Here, I did it for you: http://www.evilbible.com/what_would_jesus_do.htm

Revelations is particularly ugly with Jesus leading holy wars and feasting on the flesh of the dead bodies afterwards: http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/REV/19.html So… not only is Jesus supposed to be God (holy trinity), he’s also a zombie (came back to life), and now he’s also a cannibal (well, he DOES encourage you to eat his flesh in the form of communion wafers with that whole trans-substantiation mumbo jumbo, so Catholics are cannibals, too).

Okay, so quick summary: Jesus believes himself to be god, sends himself to earth, then has himself killed in a sacrifice to himself so that he can save the world that he is already powerful enough to create from nothing in the first place, in some strange sado-masochistic ritual, and, oh by the way, he’s also a zombie cannibal that believes you should turn away from your family, treat non-Jews like dogs, get mad at trees that don’t bear him figs on-demand, steal pigs, says you should kill disobedient children… well, I don’t need to continue, because it’s all out there for anyone to find. Jesus was anything but love.

And just because Jesus says some nice things in NO WAY absolves him of all the nastiness he’s spouted. And continued to spout. If Jesus lived today, he’d be on medication. Clearly delusional.

I think the line of thought that Jesus is love and god is awesome is mostly to blame for things like abortion doctor slayings. Jesus most certainly is NOT love, he is a hateful, bitter man. And a lot of the stories that paint him in a great light are fabrications from overzealous scribes written hundreds of years after Jesus died (like the “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” story – totally fake, made up, and, yes, this is proven by Christian scholars, it’s not my opinion – we have the scrolls before and after the mod).

I’m just tired of the “Jesus is love” bullshit that I see, and I’m tired of the pro-lifers publicly stating that they’d never advocate killing because that’s not what Jesus would do. Bullshit. Read your fucking bibles, douchebags.

And when the media says that 53% of Americans are pro-life right now, they ignore the fact that MOST Americans want the exceptions: health risk, rape, incest, etc., included in any law. Except Christians. They think there are no exceptions. Go back and watch the presidential debates from 2008 and see John McCain doing the bunny ears quotes when he says “health exceptions,” clearly indicating he thinks it’s a lie that pro-choice people push to keep a loophole open.

Jesus was a dick (doesn’t matter because he never existed, anyway, so I suppose I should say, “Dude, your mythical self is a dick!”), not love. If Jesus was alive today, I punch him in the gut and kick him in the nuts.


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