I know kung fu!

I know Kung Fu. No I don’t. Fuck you.

In the dark , we come out and play.
We are its children; we’re here to stay.

The face stretches against thin fabric

Freed from the fodder of the empty glass on a magazine
Still can’t say she won’t.

You can’t say because you don’t know that I’m doing it because I keep it from you and then.. then… then it’s alive and it wears a Cat in the Hat hat, all tall and red and stripey. The things we do, the things we must. Finding time to be that guy, the one. Bursting forth I see it dissipate. The capacitor fades and the transistor falls below the threshold and shuts off. Shuts you off.

And you can’t do anything because I know Kung Fu! No I don’t. Fuck you.