Fuck this. I quit.

Okay, not my blog. And, not really. I’m not quitting my day job. Yet. But today, after this shit, I’ve decided that it’s my goal to get a profitable side biz that makes me enough dough this year to quit my day job.

I was on rotation for 6 months last year. It went well except this one lady that was determined to give me negative feedback no matter how nice I was or how much I helped her out. She’s a stupid old bitch, basically, and I wrote her off after a few months. Probably the best move I made in that job.

Still, my regular, non-rotation manager sided with the BITCH! Can you believe that? Talk about a game changer. I wasn’t trusted and some shithole that is an unknown was believed over me.

Worse, and if you know me, I’m painfully honest, is that they LIED about me. I just found this out on Thursday. They said I blindsided them with a proposal, which I DID NO SUCH THING. She fucking LIED about me. That stupid cunt. Really. I know! So I don’t lie. I hate when people lie. I REALLY hate when people lie about me.  I was misrepresented and lied about. And my manager believed the liar instead of believing me. I’m not easily offended, but that’s a really great way to get under my skin.

I DO influence across organizations very well. I DO get results. I DO have a lot of people on my side. But there’s always one fuckhead that doesn’t like me. SO FUCKING WHAT? I don’t care. That’s the price of getting shit done. And don’t you DARE for a minute tell me that you can get the shit done that I’ve done without pissing someone off. You NEVER will please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

So shove it up your fucking tight little twat, you bitch, and maybe up your Hershey hole while you’re at it.

But I can’t say anything. I have to play this stupid fucking game. I have to sit here and pretend that I don’t know.

One of the worse things is that my NEW manager was like, “yeah, actually, thanks for that, I’m glad someone finally stood up to her and pissed her off.” He thinks it’s a non-issue, but my old manager does not.

I’m also tired of looking around and seeing these fucking milquetoasts as managers. I often wonder how 3/4 of the managers at Intel got where they are, and how the bar for me is impossibly high but impossibly low for them.

WTF, man. WTF. Seriously, I quit. Fuck this. My year’s end, I MUST be in a different job. I’m tired, tired, tired. Tired of the same old shit. Tired of begging someone for a raise. Tired of conformind. I need to work for someone that’s simultaneously the best and worst boss in the world: ME.

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