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Five Sentence Fiction – Wild

Five Sentence Fiction – Wild


“Why would you DO that?” he asked, hands up and mouth wide open.

“Oh, shut up, you love it,” she said and narrowed her eyes at him, mouth in a taunting half smile.

“No, I most certainly do NOT,” he said, stomping his foot and crossing his arms. “I don’t get you, why do you do th… hey- hey, where are you going?”

“It’s because I’m wild, you silly boy,” she laughed as she faded into her best Cheshire Cat.



Author’s Notes

The image on Lillie McFerrin’s site was of wild horses. Um, yeah, that’s too obvious for me 🙂

I had an instant thought of a girl with a devious grin, playing with a boy in an impish style, and then my image search brought me to the Cheshire Cat, a wonderful idea, because we’re all mad here…

One thought on “Five Sentence Fiction – Wild”

  1. Yes, we are all mad, but you’re weren’t supposed to tell anyone…

    Anyway, I think I dated that girl – or should I say several girls just like her.

    I really liked this story because, even though it’s complete as is, the reader can still add so much to it with their imagination.

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