Five Sentence Fiction – The List

Five Sentence Fiction – The List, or, “Horizon”

The List

Buy a pack of squares on my way to the apartment.
Execute the agreements.
Close blinds, tape mouth, handcuff.
Shoot him once; remember gloves.
Kill the dog.


Author’s Notes

My train of thought… horizons are a visual anomaly, something that’s not real, an illusion. People buy into illusions, and then I came up with all sorts of ideas and started about 5 small stories but nothing grabbed my attention. Then I thought that money is really just an illusion, fiat currency, that has no value of its own, which led me to Ponzi schemes and a well-known case from the 1980’s called the BBC, or Billionaire Boys Club.

The BBC had cons inside of cons, and, at the trial, this list of things to do came out – the leader of the BBC had decided to murder someone and had seven frickin’ pages of things to do.

Big Black, a little known noise-rock band from Chicago (and also one of my favorite Steve Albini bands), wrote a song about it called, “Things To Do Today” that added the “buy a pack of squares” line. Being pretty naive, I had to look up what that meant (it’s old slang for cigarettes).

This five sentence fiction is based on that court trial and that list of things to do.

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