Five Sentence Fiction: Ringing

“What the hell?” The couch creaked as he pushed himself up, grabbed the remote, and muted the TV. Sure enough, a church bell was ringing.

He peeked around the corner, straining to hear where the bells were coming from, and jumped when he saw the robed figure standing in the dark. Stumbling back, he saw his body on the couch, slumped and lifeless.


11 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: Ringing”

  1. Hello from the Five Sentence Fiction story hop!

    …I feel so awful. Beginning the story with “What the hell,” and then going through the motions of getting up the couch and peeking made it funny. But, death isn’t funny, not at all. I want to imagine this as a beginning of a ghost super hero story, though. Anyway, great job.

  2. Thanks, K R and Mike! My first thought for “ringing” was a death knell and hoped I could squeeze it into 5 sentences. I think I actually edit more when I have constraints than when I don’t.

  3. I think when you leave a lot up to the reader, the story is better. This is one reason why artists should title their art but not really give a detailed expression of what it’s about – that should be for the viewer to interpret.

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