Five Sentence Fiction – Purple



“But you wouldn’t go without me,” she pleaded as she glanced sideways towards her husband. I could see the heartache in her eyes. She smelled like lilac and regret.

My lips trembled and my eyes teared up. I touched her arm with a shaking hand and whispered, “I’m sorry.”


Author’s notes

Five Sentence Fiction’s theme this week is “purple.” I struggled quite a bit. I looked up color associations and came away with standard stuff about royalty, valor, and wisdom, etc., and the references to drug culture. None of that inspired me. I thought about bruises, but that’s too obvious.

When I was growing up, we had a huge lilac bush in our back yard, and there was another one down the street at the bus stop. I always loved the way they smelled and the way they hung in bunches, like scented grapes. I thought of the soft purple of the lilacs and wrote this short story.


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