Five Sentence Fiction – Letters

Five Sentence Fiction – Letters


Steve opened the first letter and was struck by her perfume. The smell of memories and sadness.

The second letter was covered in bloody fingerprints. Her cursive was uneven and rushed, though Cassie had always been proud of her penmanship.

The third letter was taped to a box, dripping red at the corners, addressed to him in his own handwriting.


Author’s Notes

Success is found by trying, failing, and trying again. You can write and rewrite, but eventually you have to stick a fork in it and call it done, good or bad. And the only way you get better is to work at it, even if it’s just 5 sentences published on your blog each week. Put it out there, stand back, and admire that you’ve done more than 80% of other writers.

7 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Letters”

  1. Hi Steve

    Your endeavor in week is quite MACABRE. It sounds as if he had first adored this woman, then had tortured her. He then ultimately killed her, sending her heart in a box to himself.

    Is this the image you wanted us to get, or is what I’ve just written merely my wild and crazy imagination.

    Would love to hear your comment on my endeavor for this week.

  2. That’s actually a great interpretation! What I was going for was that he’s insane and this half of him didn’t know what the other half was doing, slowly ruining his life…

  3. Hi Steve
    I’m glad you loved my interpretation. It appears we basically had same idea in our minds of someone who had to be insane in regards to what you wrote. However, I’m the one who saw it as being totally macabre.

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