Five Sentence Fiction – Innocence, Part II

Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction – Innocence


Part II (Part I)

The sulfur sparked and crackled as the match lit. Without breaking eye contact, Dave’s hand paused and he smiled as the match fell.

I took a deep breath as I watched it hit the floor, then looked back at Dave with a knowing half smile. The smell of propane was the additive methanethiol, but without the propane.

The match burned out, I broadened my grin and said, “I WILL die today, but not here, not now.”


Author’s Notes

The smell of propane wasn’t really propane, it was just the additive that’s gives propane its smell (propane has no smell of its own). What seemed dangerous was innocent, and we see that a lot in life.

This is a continuation of the thriller from the previous five sentence fiction, “Doors.” I’m trying to see if I can serialize a story in five sentence increments while keeping it interesting AND using random prompts!

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