Five Sentence Fiction – Falling

Five Sentence Fiction – Falling


Brad dressed to the nines and kissed his wife and kids goodbye, just like always.

Brad drove the fuck out of that Mercedes, his golden hair blowing in the wind, looking like hot shit, just like always.

Brad checked out the tits and ass of all the women at work with a grin, just like always.

Brad berated himself and cried in his car at lunch, hiding his red eyes behind his Aviators, just like always.

Brad finished the job, hid the weapon in the secret compartment, and pushed the pain deep down inside, just like always.


Author’s notes

“You don’t know if they have crippling debt, you don’t know anything,” she said to me one day after I asked how the fuck some of my coworkers afford giant houses and new cars.

She was right – you don’t know. Maybe they secretly hate themselves and their lives. Maybe they want to get in their cars in the morning and just never take that exit off the highway, just keep driving, going where the road takes ’em.

Maybe they have dark secrets they’re hiding, compensating for, and you shouldn’t dig too deep, lest you find demons better left undisturbed.

(did you see that? My Author’s Notes was also a FSF. Watch the fuck out, I’ve gone meta on your ass)

4 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Falling”

  1. …wait, does this make it 10 sentence fiction?

    That said, loved the story, I can visualise the character of Brad, outwardly cocky, inwardly… guilty? self-loathing?

  2. Thanks for the nice words, folks. I didn’t really mean for the Author’s Notes to be another FSF at first, but realized it just sorta happened that way and got a little giddy. Okay, maybe I said, “Squee!” in my head.

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