Five Sentence Fiction – Death Whisper

Five Sentence Fiction – Death Whisper


“Do it,” the voice in his head was more soft and alluring than demanding. Giving in to sweet desire, he leaned forward and whispered hot death into the ear of the old man in the seat in front of him on the bus.

“Yes…again,” the voice shot giddy waves of pleasure up his spine and he smiled an uneasy smile. As he left the bus, he put his hand on the driver’s shoulder, leaned in, cocked his head, and whispered death for the fourth time that day.

Back at home, he held the mirror in a shaky hand and doomed himself with one last whisper.


Author’s notes

I had a busy week. REALLY busy with training classes and product launches, so I was incommunicado. Looks like I missed approving a few comments that my overzealous spam filter caught, and I’ve now approved those – sorry, peeps!

I’m back now and really, really missed writing. I’ve been aching to get another story out, and wanted to go back to familiar territory – the supernatural. In particular, death.

Here we have a man that has voices whispering in his head that tell him to make death whispers, which is actually a thing of legend. This is my take on that legend. What happens is that someone whispers a death word or words in your ear and you die soon after.

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