Five Sentence Fiction- Dancing

Five Sentence Fiction: Dancing (unrequited)


“Well, okay, I suppose, if you insist,” he had a sly smirk and a grin. She looked at him and grinned back, glancing up at him a couple of times as she wrote down her number and email.

She popped up and extended the scrap of paper to him. “There you go! Call me anytime!”

But he never did, he couldn’t, he wouldn’t dare, he could never cross the line, not with HER…


Author’s notes:

Unrequited, indeed. Except, you know, that things that you longed for in the past, you would be very disappointed if you got them now.  That wonder, that belief, that dance that you get into with that other person…you wonder if that person knows it, you wonder if she’s toying with you, you wonder and wonder, and then you move on, left to wonder at what was never to be, what was destined to be left unrequited.


  1. McGuffy Ann Morris


  2. Steve Husted

    Thanks, Ann! Do you think I got the awkward relationship “dance” across well enough without explaining in the author’s notes?

  3. K. R. Smith

    This is in response to your question to McGuffy Ann Morris – I didn’t quite pick up on the relationship dance thing in a straightforward way, but I sort of “felt” it. The story and the prompt didn’t seem out of place together. Sometimes subtle is better than getting hit in the face with an idea.

    I think it works!

  4. Steve Husted

    re: K.R.Smith – thanks! Sometimes I take chances and it’s hard to know if they were successful.

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