Five Sentence Fiction – Cherish

Five Sentence Fiction – Cherish


He stood at the edge of the cliff, hands in his pockets, lips pressed together. The wind swept upward, billowed his shirt, his hair, and made him squint his eyes.

His hands came out of his pocket with a trinket. Cupping it in his hands, he drew it to his face and sealed in it his secret. The chain flailed behind it as it sank, forsaken, into the brush below.


Author’s Notes

Always the contrarian, I wanted to avoid a lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day story. Instead, I imagined a man deliberating, then giving up what he cherished, irrevocably, before he changed his mind.

But wait… was the cherished item the trinket or the secret? We may never know.

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  1. Again, you pack so much meaning and feeling into your five sentences. Beautifully written with an air of mystery . . .the secret . . . .what he cherished . . .Brilliant. x

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