Five Sentence Fiction – Abandoned

Five Sentence Fiction – Abandoned


“Two years,” Lily whispered to the car, her hand stroking the cold hood. The white Caddy with white leather still smelled like his aftershave. She couldn’t bring herself to have it taken away. Couldn’t, anyway, because the boxes and tools blocked the garage door. “Just a turn of the key,” she thought as she got in.


Author’s Notes

I like this one because it doesn’t really smack you in the face with it. Sure, she wasn’t really abandoned in the traditional sense, as in “my mama didn’t want me!” or some stereotypical Country song “she left me and took my dog” sense, but she and the car shared something – they were both left by him. Did he die? Did he run away? And what did she do? Finally get rid of the car and move on? Or kill herself, alone in her garage, overcome and despondent?

Well, what did YOU imagine as you read it?


  1. Kate

    I imagined that she took her own life in the garage but I also felt like he died and she felt abandoned. Thought provoking piece.

  2. McGuffy Ann

    Very well written and deeply felt.

  3. Laura McHale Holland

    It’s a powerful scene. I like that what happen before this moment and what happens next are left to our imagination.

  4. Sarah (@reravelling)

    I imagine he died because that’s what happened to me but I like to think she has moved the boxes and found the strength to get rid of the car and move on with a new chapter of her life.
    Thought provoking and well written piece!

  5. The feeling of abandonment is so strong here; two years and still not over someone . . I feel she is on the verge of taking her own life, not able to live without him. Very powerful words. x

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