Exactly as it Seems [Inspiration Monday]

Exactly As It Seems


“There’s no action,” Phil said and looked around, glancing at his watch, and taking another long, slow, drag on his cigarette.

“What do you mean? ” Sherry never knew what he meant. He cut his eye at her and thought for a moment that he never did like that perfume that she was wearing.

Phil pressed the cigarette between his lips, rolled the window down a half-crank more, and blew his smoke out of the corner of his mouth, aiming it at the window crack.

Phil cut his eye at her again and let a wan smile pass over his face. He dropped down 2 gears and hit the gas pedal, rocketing them up to 80 mph… 90… 100…

“Phil… Phil! Knock that shit off! You’re SUCH a child.” She had one hand pressed against the dash, her fingertips white, and the other hand on the flip-down handle above the door.

“I’m tired of you, Sherry,” Phil said through clenched teeth, jogged the steering wheel to the right, unbalancing the car, threw it back to the left, throwing the ass end of the car forward on the right-hand side, wheels screeching, Sherry screaming. Phil cranked the wheel back so the wheels were pointed in the direction of travel, but too late to straighten the car before it hit a telephone pole.

Sherry was killed immediately and Phil was saved by the air bag.



2 Years Earlier

“I don’t know why I put up with you, Sherry-Lynn,” Phil chuckled at how endearing Sherry-Lynn was to him. He reached for his pack of smokes hidden in the hotel room night stand and thought twice.

“Hey, baby, I really like the smell of that perfume,” Phil was looking up at her as he was fumbling for his glasses.

“Thanks, I know you like it.” She gave him a soft smile and went back to doing her hair and idly singing “On Top of the World” by The Carpenters.

He leaned back and dug into his pocket for his car keys, pulling them out and looking at the clean, shiny logo, turning them over and grinning to himself. “You done good, Phil… you done good.”


Author’s Notes

I struggled with this one. I had about 4 false starts but the stories just seemed too contrived, too predictable.

I gave myself an extra challenge today – I often resort to the supernatural in my writing. Hey, I’m a product of my youth. This time, I vowed not to go there, instead sticking with human relations.

If I always write the same story, I’ll never improve.

This story is about that feeling that you get after you’ve been with someone for a long time, the little things that were so endearing have become annoying. “Exactly as it seems” just seemed right for this. Things were exactly as they seemed, no matter the circumstance.


  1. Stephanie

    Nice. This definitely wasn’t predictable. It says something about how little sweetness at the beginning of the relationship means at the end, if the relationship isn’t built on anything solid. It also leaves you wondering what happened in those two years to lead them to this.
    I think my favorite detail is that Sherry never understood what he meant. That says a lot about both of them.
    Welcome to InMon, Steve!

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