Sometimes I have thoughts. Ideas. I want to capture them but I’m not motivated enough to capture. It’s an idea it’s a dream it’s a belief in a mainline tap to the subconscious.

I had an idea that I indulged months ago that seems like eons ago while wearing the orange shirt and shaving my head I decided to leave a #2 mohawk and I like it. I thought that I should have continued the line down my face. I happened to really really fucking like that I idea but I chickened out and went more traditional and “safe” whatever that means.

Washing my hands, I spied a round of dark eye makeup and immediately thought that it would be better used to make that stripe. I carried the thought forward and envisioned the dark stripe, about 1.5 inches wide, down my face. And I really liked it. “Duplicity” came to mind, and then I thought it would be a good painting, a good way to delve into some thoughts some aberrations some singing in my head and thoughts about where my head is or isn’t where it’s on a page but also on another page where I’m me but I’m not where the world is black and white while at the same time nefariously nuanced… duplicitous… wherein I’m not a duplicity because I’m living in one. Interesting idea for a painting. Or a series of paintings.