I said it.


I don’t know. but it was so REAL, man, like, it was there. I had long black hair that was thick and full and had some gray in it. Sort of like Sideshow Bob’s hair, except more droopy. And I was worried that I still had a bald spot as I was enjoying the long curls in the mirror, checking myself out and enjoying the hair.

But I really don’t care about that.

There was this chick and I was looking up her skirt. Hey, she was kneeling and I could see panties. So I was inquisitive. Suddenly she was kneeling and then had her hand up her own skirt. She was masturbating. And smiled when I caught her doing it. But she didn’t stop.

Figments and fragments cloud my vision. Surreal and very unreal but it’s so real when I’m there. I want to be lucid in these dreams and I can hardly believe that I don’t scoff at what I see in my dreams and reject them as real and realize it’s a dream.

I’ve had so many. I read that the waking up in the middle of the night is normal but not normal. So I try to enjoy it and seed my dreams. They seed but then I forget.

Snippets and fragments and I know waht it is and I know t’s real and I remember that it was there once upon a time and it floods back when it’s inopportune. And even then it’s fleeting. And now my song is done.