“I can’t do it,” he cried and pounded on the keyboard, the lights dimmed and the floor softened, the walls seemed to groan and breathe. Slowly, ever so slowly, a pinprick of disaster, a tiny speck of light came up one him and in his minds eye, he felt a terrible tingling.

The glow started slowly, and he only noticed it because the shadows change their patterns on the walls in his dimly lit office. What the fuck is going on? Soon, the room was ablaze in the orange glow, and he dared to turn and look , to sneak a peek, and there he was, siting in a room, much older, much wiser, across the void. His eyes were pure white, but looked bluish from where he was. starting into space, his future-self didn’t move.

Inner turmoil leapt upon him and he glanced side to side. Nobody is here, this isn’t a joke. What the fuck is going on? Getting up, slowly crossing, transfixed, he stepped through in a flash of light and the portal was gone.


The room was silent, and… a few steps closer to the seated figure and the white-eyed abomination snapped his head to the side and stared in the white eyed panic of a gaze, a fearful countenance, and he stumbled back and nearly fell over a chair.

How to get out? Wat to do? “Hello, Steve,” the computer said. What the fuck is going on? “Would you like to die today?” What? What!!! No, fuck, no, I don’t want to die today. I just wanted to see this thing to get into it and to know what was inside me and in my head.

Fearful and panicked, he glanced around for a door and as he turned his head, he jumped a the white-eyed face staring at him – or was he? – and fell back into the counter and bruised his backbone. Damn it , what the fuck are you doing, dick? Visions of Bill and Ted come back and “dude, your future self is a dick” come rushing back. A little laugh and the white figure with white eyes was getting closer. Closer. Closer.

What – what was it? Oh, yeah, dream-sign! I looked down and counted my fingers. 10. Shit. I flicked the light switch and it didn’t work. Hmm. Not definitive. I reached one thumb into my palm and pushed, hard… and it went through. Bingo. Dream.

With a wave of my hand, I stood bravely against the white figure and told it to vanish. It didn’t. What the double fuck? Now I know that I’m dreaming but I cannot control the dream? What was happening here? What am I going to do?



“Well, shit, you didn’t have to try to banish it,” she said, glancing askew at me as she poured herself a single malt scotch. I detest scotch. Bourbon is my drink, and I know that, so why is she drinking that in my dream? I realize she’s only wearing a shirt and panties, and I glance down and take a long, slow, delicious look. This is MY dream, fuck all.

“Well, are you gong to stare at my ass or are you going to fuck me? ”

“With HIM in the room? No way.”

“Him? Oh, that’s just you. Technically, however, so am I.” Her grin was devilish as the ice crackled in the glass. She put own the cup and leaned forward. “Well, loverboy? It’s not like it’s just masturbation?”

And the man in white wasn’t quite white now, he was slightly orange, starting to glow, and the whites of his eyes were ablaze, and a portal shinked into view and on the other side was a man. A man in white, who appeared, as this one, to be me, only much older still. His eyes, however, were bluer than my present guest’s, and I couldn’t help but move toward him, through his portal.

Flash! The white man with white eyes was gone, as was the girl and the orange-rimmed portal, and so I sat down next to the man, mimicking his pose, and stared off as he was staring.

A cold hand touched my shoulder. I looked up and the man was an inch away from my face. He was saying something, mouthing words, but no sound was coming out, only vapors that trailed over to me and caught my breath, stole my breath, and drank my essence.


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