Disturbing? Yeah? So What?

I’ve always been fascinated by the disturbing. I want to know WHY things disturb you, though you probably can’t tell me. Is it an off-color joke? Perhaps about death? No? Then how about rape? George Carlin went there and it was funny. No? How about your belief in the invisible man in the sky? Yeah, I’ll probably hit a sensitive spot on quite a few people there.

But WHY does it bother you? If I went up to a man and touched his penis (fully clothed), would that freak you out? What about if it was YOU? Would that freak you out? Why?

And how about talking about your death. How are you going to die? Isn’t that fascinating? But some people are too wierded out about that shit to even talk about it like a rational fucking human being. I just don’t GET that shit, man.

I mean, it’s THERE, you know, like, it’s just there for the picking and I’m the harvester, and so many people I know just totally fucking SHUT DOWN, man, when confronted with their fears, with the things that go bump in the night, or even just in their heads. But WHY? Why freak out about what you KNOW is irrational?

Today I farted in my cube and then someone came to talk to me. Neither of us said anything about it.

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