“It’s a fucking hole!” came crackling over the walkie talkie.

“What? I know it’s a hole; we’re digging it, jackoff.” Bart was always rude. Or sarcastic. Or whatever the fuck he wanted to be.

“I know that, dingus, but this isn’t the hole we’re digging. This one just drops off. It’s just a HOLE.” Rodney was sweating from the small amount of labor it took to get back from the pit. Bart just shook his head at the poor fatty. It’s not his fault he’s stupid.

“I’m coming in for a look,” and with a crackle, the radio clicked off.

Rodney saw a shadow move. “What the fu–” he began, and jumped when Bart’s hand landed on his shoulder. “Jeezus fuckin’ Christ, don’t do that shit to me,” he was panting and holding his hand over his heart. “I swear I fuckin’ saw something move down there.”

“You’re full of shit, Rod.” Bart had a way with words. “Gimme your flashlight.”

Rodney raised his brows and opened his eyes wide, “Don’t you think I did that already, jack off?” His belly bounced when he laughed. “Couldn’t see shit.”

“Gimme it,” Bart sighed and took the flashlight and tied a rope to it, anchored the other end of the rope to a stake, and began to lower it. “Get your camera out.”

“Ain’t got a camera.”

Pausing for dramatic effect, Bart kicked into high gear. “Well ya got a fuckin’ phone, ain’t ya? That’s got a camera, ain’t it?”

“Yeah, guess,” Rodney looked at the ground as he pulled his phone out of his back pocket, just as a screech came out of the hole.

“What the fuck was that?” they said in unison, looking at each other.

Bart continued to let down the flashlight. As it twisted on the rope on its descent, they could see small holes in the sides of the cave. Another screech.

“Drop it, dumbass, you’re pissin’ ’em off!” Rodney was no hero, and was backing away from the pit, heading towards the excavator. “I’m covering this back up. The suits at the office can come down here and figure out what to do.”

Bart tugged on the rope to pull the flashlight back up… and something tugged back. Quizzically, Bart furrowed his brow and made a game of it, grinning, and tugged twice. The rope tugged back twice in reply.

The hole began to glow. A blue glow that seemed to shoot up and out of the hole. And the screeching multiplied.

With one last tug, the flashlight launched at least 20 feet into the air and landed on the ground, immediately going out.

A humanoid creature, what appeared to be a slick black demon, crawled out of the hole, crawling on all fours, craning it’s head and glowing blue eyes, fixing on Bart.

Bart was transfixed.

“Run, you fucking idiot! Bart!” Rodney was scrambling back up the hill, but it was too steep for him to make it easily or quickly, and he fell several times, rolling a few feet backwards with each fall. His heart was pounding.

Around the opening of the hole were hundreds of impish, smaller black creatures. The twilight didn’t help matters – they were nearly invisible except for their glowing blue eyes, glowing not quite as strong as the demon’s eyes.

“What do you want?” Bart said, straining to get something out.

“What do you want” the creature hissed in pantomime, tilting its head several times. “I am Omenega. I rule this part of the world. I was imprisoned 10,000 years ago.”

“Who – who did this to you?” Bart stammered, stepping back, careful of the imps surrounding him, laughing.

“Who?!? You did!”

“What? I – what? I’m only 32, I couldn’t – I mean – that’s not possible – ” Bart fell backwards.

“It was foretold in the Omecron – he who imprisoned me would return to life and set me free, when the world was ready. Now the prophecy is fulfilled.” The demon scampered over to Bart and now stood over him, the stench forcing Bart’s head to the side, the blue eyes were also emitting a vapor. It’s skin was wet-black, and it sniffed at him.

“You fear. You don’t remember? Shame.” The demon grabbed Bart and dragged him into the hole and the laughing demons followed in droves, cackling and screeching. Bart’s screams fell on an empty night.

Rodney had finally ambled up to the rim and called 911, but the operator just thought he was high, and was sending a patrol just in case.