Dance with the dead in my dreams

boom boom boom trance music sounded from afar. I was at the door, suddenly, as is the norm for my cut-scene dreamscape.

Taking the step up into the house, I realized I was being led into my grandparents’ house.

But it was actually a rave, replete with disco lighting, alternating in a rhythm of blue and yellow lights reflecting and refracting around the house, pulsating to the beat.

The music, once inside, was much louder and I could now hear more than muffled bass beats. The bass alternated in a downbeat and a slightly higher pitched upbeat, with a rapid fire ts ts ts ts-ts ts ts ts in the background, with a trance electronica overlaid on that.

The house was very dark, and there were several people with their arms up, undulating profanely to the rhythmic orgasm pounding away, pounding, pounding away and muting the voices.

The voices.

I could see them talking, but I couldn’t hear them. As I looked around, all at the outskirts, firmly seated against the walls, were elderly people. One man had horn-rimmed glasses and a plain hat, and, from the looks of it, didn’t have his dentures in. He gave a curt, grotesque, brusque smile and I pressed on through the crowd.

They were all looking at me. Some smiling knowingly. Some with stark countenances that betrayed nothing. But those eyes. I saw all their eyes at once. I became at one with the world in a boundless zen moment.

Passing through the dining room, the kitchen, and into the living room, I continued to stare around at the rave, wondering what the fuck was going on. I stepped down the 2 inches or so onto the soft carpeting, suddenly realizing I was barefoot.

But something was bothering me. Not the rave in my grandparents house, that was actually pretty cool. But something about the people… they were all… all… I think they were all dead.

Dance with the dead in my dreams.

And a younger woman with no real face approached me, leaned into me, and yelled into my ear so I could hear her over that sultry groove tempting me, begging me to let my body absorb the beat.

Listen to the hallowed screams.

I looked back at her and nodded, and she took my hand and led me up the stairs. The dark, narrow, creaking staircase. Into the darkness beyond, into where we mustn’t go.

The dead have taken my soul.

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