Bate bate, chocolate!

uh huh
bate bate chocolate
fizzy fizzy me so dizzy

The seahorse in the water bottle
Watch it
Love it
Be it

Can you feel it?
Coursing through your veins?

Can you see you?
In that woman with ass-o-plenty?
In that beast with 4 chins?

Can you be you?
I think you can’t
I think
You can’t

Mercury is near Pleiades
Right now
Go outside and look

There are faces in the texture on the wall
And they mock me whilst I poop
I furrow my brow at them
And they transform
Into me

I hold my head and scream
Only it’s not real
None of this is
None of this is real
None of me

Acknowledge your fears
The wall is only bricks, you see
Another brick
Another me

Don’t you know by now that it’s all about me?
Because I am NOT me
I am not
“I” is an illusion
“I” is your ego screaming for attention
“I” is not real
“I” is only a chemical soup thrashing through your neural network
“I” is only an idea
“I” is time, another illusion
“I” is gravity, another name for what we don’t understand
“I” isn’t
“I” is an illusion
I am not
Because I am NOT me
Don’t you know by now that it’s all about me?

It’s another lonely evening
In another lonely town
But I ain’t too old to worry
And I ain’t too young to cry
When a woman gets me down

I’m not too old to lie
I’m just another empty head

Why do you love to suck my life?
Why do you love to motherfucking die?
Kill me, I’m a drug fiend

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