Atheists and non-atheists

I’ve taken to using the term “non-atheist” to describe the pro-religious folk, or just those that aren’t of my ilk.

I’m an atheist and I refuse to say “pro-religious” or “theists” or anything of the sort. You’re a bunch of looney fuckers and I don’t particularly care to cater to you. As of right now, you are what I am not – so you are non-Atheists.

It has a nice ring to it, no?

I was pleased to see this term, which I presumed I was the only one using, on a Pharyngula post. Nice. Very nice. And even nicer that they’re saying that they are atheists over there, and they are posting pro-Linux stuff.

I’m starting an Atheists/Agnostics groups at work, and, boy howdy, nothing makes the Christian douchebags come out like an Atheist forum.