Atheism and art

Unrelated to this blog topic but important: a lot of artists say they find inspiration in God or they Thank God for their successes or whatever. Yeah, whatever. You can still make good art and you can still be inspired if you are an atheist. Just because you’re smart and don’t give in to a magical “old white dude” with a beard in the sky watching over you doesn’t mean that you’re devoid of inspiration. The world is beautiful. Go see it and capture it in your art. No, it didn’t need a creator to be beautiful. Put down the pencil, stop typing, and go take a midnight stroll around your neighborhood. See all that stuff? It’s there because MAN created it (the architecture, the landscape design, the park design, etc.), not some magical Zulu dude in the sky (which is really silly – why don’t planes and/or astronauts fly into heaven?). The flora and fauna survived because they adapted over millions of years.

Have you drawn today? Have you painted today? If you have, thank yourself, not the magical Jeebus in the sky. (kudos if you got the Homer Simpson reference)