A slurp and a whisper and a fish kiss, too.

It’s the same old stories
It’s the same old me

You try to run away but
running towards yourself

You can’t do it
Can you
Can you
Can you
Can I?

This isn’t just a dream
This isn’t just a lullaby

Take me away

The red isn’t red
The blue isn’t blue
The yellow isn’t real

I was wrong

And so I’m drowning
Drifting away
Torn asunder
The undertow has me

Briefly, I consider it.
Briefly, I am me.

I hear the voice inside

I feel the thrust of it
I feel the colors

I imagine it was once that way
fail 1000 times first

But then it’s the same old story
was I in them
was the light

come full circle
I jizzed on it one time
Tracing? Circumscribing?

I can’t tell you
I don’t know.

But I do laugh inside.

Always known. Always denied.
Always known. Always denied.

Peel back the layers.
Pink and new

Slough the dead skin
Underneath, pink and new

It’s the same old me.