A bundle of contradictions wrapped in a paradox

So what the fuck does THAT mean?

This is actually what someone called me about 15 years ago: a bundle of contradictions wrapped in a paradox. My wife later agreed (hadn’t met her yet when this person made his statement).

Oh, I didn’t answer your question…

Well, I’m not exactly sure. I’m smart but down-to-earth. I’m an atheist with a deep interest in religion. I will defend what’s right when most people would quit. I don’t care about style but I’m stylish. I don’t care about “cool” but that makes me so. I’m wise beyond my years but bursting with youthful naivete. I’m generous but stingy.

I’m not your average bear, Boo Boo. I shove pic-a-nic baskets up Yogi’s homoerotic arse. I march to the beat of my own drummer without proclaiming it to be true. I dream in technicolor but live as a wallflower. I’m the life of the party but only when ignited by passion. I can be your everything but don’t fucking cross me.

I guess that’s what it means. Still interesting to ponder the sentiment from time to time.