750 words

I’m not gone. I’ve been writing on 750words.com, a site dedicated to the daily method described in the Artist’s Way – writing three pages. Each page is around 250 words typed, thus 750 words.

I did it straight for about 43 days without missing a day, then I went on vacation and didn’t write at all (I didn’t have my own laptop and there was no way I was writing that much on a tablet or phone). I am going to get back to it because I’ve missed it!

I went about 3 weeks, or slightly a little more than that, without really having a breakthrough. I was really disappointed because, you know, all these other fuckers were like, “zomg, after a week I was like all loosened up!” and shit like that, and I wasn’t seeing any results. I was just venting all the shit that collects in that gray matter. Which, for me, is quite a fuckton. Well, okay, it’s a lot.

Then, after a few weeks, the ranting and the venting started to run out, and a story appeared in my head. A quick idea for a story, really. So I wrote it, and made sure to wrap it up by the end of the 750 words (thereabouts). It was farking amazing! I had stories in my head before but they wouldn’t really translate, or I would wander my thoughts off to something else and then run out of time to finish the story, and then the muse would pass and I would be left with nothing but some false starts.

I didn’t go back to see how many I finished, but I bet it was about 15 stories. Some of them could be fleshed out. Some of them were incredibly bad. But it doesn’t matter because they are for ME. Glorious me.

But I used to use this blog to do that writing, and I feel that I’ve neglected it. Well, you can see – I really have neglected it. I get on here in fits and spurts and never really got myself to the point where I was doing this daily. I am going to go back and pick out some stories and post them here, meanwhile writing additional stories. I will cherry-pick the ones that I think have potential and aren’t too embarrassing for me, which may not be many. Yes, I do write without fear. It’s almost like a diary, but really it’s the cheese that I don’t want to let public. Yet. Though I think I should, just to do it.

And so that’s that. I won’t really want to go on here any more, but what I really wanted to do was say, “Hi!” and fall back into the abyss.