5 – 7 – 5 x 10

Into the night. Me.
I went on. Pressed to be me.
My own enemy.

Many times before
I walked paths I did not take
Dare I now? Towards light.

Look into crystal
Shadows all but disappear
Sunset beckons me.

But it’s not for me
Lest I perish in the night
Fortitude, solace

The dreadnaught beckons
Towards the light. In dreams, I go
Ire in my visage.

Honest appraisal.
Anew. Awash. Alight. Fire.
Tilt it back for me.

Go forth with desire
Falling away from passion
From freedom. From pain. Me.

Yet it is still me
I see when I glance askew
Twice my friend was there

He’s gone now, no more
Into the musicbox dance
I quietly go

And at the twilight
More? Nevermore. Nevermore.
And I am still me.