Flash and Five Sentence Fiction

Wow, it’s been 2 frickin’ years since I updated here.

First, I did publish on Amazon. I have 4 erotic short stories, one bundle, and one paranormal romance. They’re up under a pen name. Because erotica. Deal with it. 2 more paranormal romances are in progress and then I think I might just switch to science fiction/urban fantasy/whatever the fuck it is that I write.

I need to do more. Because I took the separation package at the day job and that ends at the end of 2016. Good news is that I have time to actually put up or shut up.

Second, Lillie McFerrin never came back with her Five Sentence Fiction. I think I will re-start it and go with some giveaways, like maybe a $5 Amazon gift card or something, as a prize each week. You have to have a Gravatar or whatever, some sort of account, so I don’t get anonymous spam. I’d have to have a separate site for that, I think. Maybe a sub-site, like http://fivesentencefiction.stevehusted.com or something.

Third, Friday Flash is gone, absorbed into social media. I think it was only other writers, anyway, so that’s not a big deal. I stoppedĀ posting my flash fiction because if I put it online anywhere, that counts as published and a lot of places won’t touch it.

…then I never published any of them, anyway.

So I think my plan is to publish Flash Fiction here again as maybe a teaser for the full thing on Amazon. Also, if I don’t want to finish it, I don’t have to. Or I can store these “story kernels” here for safe keeping.

Either way, gonna write a whole lot more now that I have 8-10 hrs/day that I didn’t have before.

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